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International Zapper Products from Raw Synergy

Don't forget Zapper Contact Cleaner Cloth or Soft Cotton Elastic Wrist Bands

As your body detoxes, your skin, in contact with the zapper, tarnishes the discs and reduces the zappers effect.

CLEAN contacts are VERY important to ensure you are getting good contact and therefore maximum benefit

Terminator Zapper $130.90

Recognized to kill parasites such as worms, virus, bacteria and fungi. Also heals on higher levels as well

Basic Zapper $34.90

Copper contacts, same frequency as the Terminator, without the subtle energy upgrades, at a lower cost

Golden Zapper $59.90

UPGRADED Basic Parasite Zapper with 24k gold plated contacts.

No contact cleaning required

Contact Cleaning Cloth $5.69

Non scratch micro-abrasive cloth works effortlessly without moisture to clean your zapper contacts

Zapper Wrist Bands $6.99

Terrycloth, Black, Package of Two
wear on wrist, arm or leg for daytime, and on sole or palm for sleeping

Zapper Duo $164.10

Basic plus Terminator in one package. A perfect way to save money and have both zappers

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